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Massage and use of acupressure points in the human body is a centuries old method that is used to help an individual relax, handle chronic pain, achieve other health benefits and rejuvenate! The idea and practice of massage are essentially Asian; the rest of the world has opened up to it slowly over the last few decades and now it is popular globally. As one of the best, most prestigious and reliable providers of tantric massage London, we can assure you that this particular massage will change your perception of massages entirely. Even those that have experience with massages will find something new here!

Little Bit of History to Understand the Premise

Looking into the history of massages, you will find the Asian root easily. People from China, the Indian subcontinent, and South-East Asia have been using massages for stress relief and physical well-being for a long time. Tantric massage is part of that legacy and, when applied by an expert, can help you achieve the relaxation you haven’t experienced before. The modern practice of tantric massage comes from Berlin, where neo tantric movement was combined with Asian massage practices.

Tantra (where the word Tantric massage gets some inspiration from its name) was considered unorthodox because its practices, beliefs and methods do not follow the regular path of spiritual practices. It has always tried to look into spirituality through bodily actions instead of rituals only. A massage does not involve any of these things, there are no rituals here, this is purely where the name originates from!
Surprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly, a large section of those older, tantric rituals is sensual in nature. If you think tantric massage falls in the same category, you will be correct. When performed by an experienced professional, this massage becomes the perfect combination of massage techniques while exploring the senses to eliminate stress and restlessness. The way our Tantric Massage London does.

The Benefits of Tantric Massage London and How It Can Help You

Like every other type of massage, tantric massage also offers several benefits. In this context, it will help to know and remember that Tantric Massage London is not always about sensuality and bodily pleasure. It is more than that and depending on your preference, your session may focus more on meditation and spirituality. The goal of each session is to release tension, gain better awareness of your body, and get rid of the energy blocks you have accumulated. Some of the benefits you will get from tantric massage are:
• Better circulation of energy within the body, helping with healing
• Deep relaxation
• Greater awareness of your body and the effect of touch on it
• Better connection with another person
• De-stressing and rejuvenation

What We are Offering and the Best Way of Enjoying the Massages

There are different types of tantric massages, and depending on your preference, they can become gradually erotic. The choice will always remain with you, and for the best outcome, please inform our masseuse what you wish to gain from the massage session. They will help you enjoy the session. Please visit our service pages to learn more about our Tantric Massage London and other services. Please go through our Terms of Enjoyment to ensure every massage session can be safe, enjoyable and relaxing. For any additional information or queries, please get in touch with us.

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