Yes, D-Touch offers discreet services. We do not accept credit cards; all transactions are limited to cash only. We do not contact you after a booking. All your data will remain strictly confidential and will not be made available to any third party. If you are booking our services for the first time, there will be an ID check.

This is done for security reasons and the safety of the masseuses. We will ensure you enjoy complete discretion and safety.

We offer both out-call and in-call massage services. If you are booking an in-call, providing your first and last name and phone number will suffice. If you are booking an out-call, you will have to provide your first and last name and residential address with postcode. If it is a hotel, then you have to provide the name of the hotel, its address with postcode and your room number.

The fees for out-calls include no extra travel cost if your location is within Central London. If your location is outside of this area, then £30 or more will be added to the charge of the massage you have selected. If our masseuse has to take a flight, £100 will be added to the fee of the massage you have chosen.

For any massage booking, whether in-call or out-call, you will have to provide your first and last name and phone number. For out-calls, you have to provide your residential address with a postcode if you are arranging for the session at home. If you are at a hotel, you have to provide the name of the hotel, the address with postcode and your room number. The first time you book our services, you will have to complete an ID check.

At D-Touch, discretion is our primary concern. Hence, we do not accept credit cards or cheques. We accept cash only and request that you have the exact fee for the session ready when our masseuse arrives. This will make the experience entirely enjoyable with your privacy intact.

D-Touch massage boutique provides the most exclusive sensual massages. We are professional, experts in providing our particular services, discreet, exquisite and luxurious. Each of our packages is designed to match individual requirements and create an experience that is always memorable. Our sessions will always help you get rid of stress in the most pleasurable way.

Yes, we do allow our clients to request a specific masseuse. If you like your masseuse, you can request their services for your subsequent massages, and we will be happy to comply. If you don’t make any specific request, one of the masseuses from our very talented team will be providing the service. 

We do not practice a mandatory tipping policy. If you are satisfied with the services and wish to tip your masseuse, you can do so without any issues. Our services are all about your satisfaction and that means the most to us. Hence, if you decide to appreciate our masseuse by acknowledging the fantastic quality of their service, you can do that. 

If you find the services to your liking after a massage session, you can re-book the same masseuse. As our focus is mainly on your satisfaction, we always try our best to consider and cater to your choice of a masseuse. Please remember, your request has to be within our “terms of enjoyment”, and the masseuse in question must also agree to the session.

Yes, D-Touch always welcomes feedback from clients, as that helps us to learn about preferences, requirements and other vital details about the service. Based on this knowledge, we can redesign our services to suit your needs better, enhancing the quality of our exceptional and exquisite massage packages.