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D.Touch: Erotic Massage In Mayfair

Indulge in the ancient practice of Tantric massage, which transcends the physical and takes you on a journey to explore the spiritual realms. At D.Touch, we specialise in the sacred art of erotic massage in Mayfair, London or surrounding areas. Our tantric massages offer the perfect blend of sensuality and mindfulness, awakening your senses through the power of touch.

The Secrets Of Our Erotic Massages

Our erotic massages are designed to awaken and balance the life force energy within you. Through gentle touches, breathwork, and focused movements, our skilled practitioners channel and distribute this energy, leaving you in a state of profound relaxation and spiritual elevation.
Adult massage in London for couples

Embrace The Journey

Discover the transformative potential of touch as it leads you on an unparalleled voyage of self-exploration. Our exclusive Dream by D erotic massage in Mayfair is customised specifically for you. Indulge in a lavish session of body-to-body massage, expertly guided by three of our seasoned masseuses. This sensual odyssey encompasses an enticing series of back massages, thorough full-body exploration, and culminates in a profound lingam massage experience.

Customised Erotic Massage In Mayfair (or elsewhere in London) For Your Needs

erotic massage session just for you
Choose between 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 180 minutes for your full body massage, depending on your desires and schedule. Our pricing varies depending on the duration and whether you prefer an in-call or out-call service. We prioritise your safety as well as that of our masseuses’, so we ask you to please be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol during your session.

Booking Your Erotic Massage In Mayfair (or other parts of Central London)

Ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and sensuality? Call us now at +44 7539 191990 to reserve your session for an erotic massage in Mayfair, London or surrounding areas. If you are interested in out-call bookings, kindly provide your first and last name along with your phone number and address details (including the postcode).

Your Privacy Matters

When you book a session of erotic massage in Mayfair (or elsewhere) here at D.Touch, you can rest assured that your information is safe with us. We treat all client data with the utmost confidentiality and never disclose them to third parties. Please be ready for an ID check if this is your first appointment with us. This is a security measure put in place for the safety of both you and our masseuses. To keep everything discreet, after the reservation, we don’t contact you again.

Our Commitment To Professionalism

  • At D.Touch, we are professionals who strictly offer sensual massage services and do not include escorting or any other sexual services
  • In cases of inappropriate behaviour and alternate motives, our practitioners reserve the right to refuse or ban a client
  • We accept only cash payments and no cards


Cancellation Policy

In case you need to cancel your booking, please note our cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation within two hours of confirmation incurs a £100 fee
  • Cancellation after the masseuse’s arrival incurs a £150 fee

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the transformative power of erotic massage in Mayfair, London or surrounding areas, with D.Touch. Call us today and elevate your senses with the art of sensual touch!

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April 2024

Please note this is a Temporary Reservation. To confirm, please call your D Receptionist the day before or on the day, at least 3hrs prior to your chosen time on. If you have any problems with your reservation form, please send your application to or call us +44 (0) 7539 191990