Massage and the use of acupressure points on the body is a way that has been used for hundreds of years to help people relax, deal with chronic pain, get many other health benefits, and achieve spiritual awakening. One such tantric practice is the lingam massage.

Some contemporary interpretations of this tradition misconstrue tantric practises as being exclusively sexual in nature. Instead, with tantric massage therapy, you learn to channel your sexual energy into a state of pure pleasure.

Lingam massage could be a wonderful romantic surprise for your sweetheart. It’s a certain way to have fun and bond with your significant other.

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Here, we’ll explain what lingam massage is and how it can help you on your path to tantric enlightenment. Let’s dive in together and find out more!

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What Is Lingam Massage?

A particular type of tantric ritual known as “lingam massage” honours the male genitalia as a symbol of masculinity.

Lingam, which means “sign, symbol, or mark” in Sanskrit, is a common representation of Shiva, the Hindu god. The word became associated with the male genitalia and is used as a translation because the Hindu god Shiva frequently takes the shape of a phallus and signifies the creative power of all creation and reproduction.

The ancient Hindu ritual served as inspiration for German Andro Andreas Rothe, who developed this lingam massage in the 1970s. The goal of the lingam massage is to achieve more than just orgasm. The ultimate intent is to experience full-body spiritual pleasure.

Benefits Of Lingam Massage

Lingam massage, like yoni massage, has numerous sexual health benefits:

This is a simple yet effective way to spice up your relationship with your significant other. Once you have experienced lingam massages, and learnt more about them, you can begin to practice them yourself with your partner perhaps.

Getting a lingam massage can help you have more stamina and a more satisfying erection. The original intention behind the lingam was to aid people in becoming more in tune with their sexual energies and focusing on other pleasures besides orgasm. Lingam massage can help men who have premature ejaculation and low stamina issues perform better in bed.

Tantric practises like lingam massage are sexual in character but have a more noble goal of healing. Increased libido and decreased risk of chronic diseases are only two of the many benefits of Lingam massage. When you get a lingam massage, you get all these advantages plus the calming effects of massage.

Through lingam massages, you can experience multiple simultaneous orgasms. The best approach to mastering them is through lingam. While the goal of the lingam massage is not necessarily an orgasm, it is something that is natural to occur.

You don’t need a partner to experience this rich, spiritual experience. We are here for that!

Try Lingam Massage At D.Touch!

Lingam massage is a tantric massage technique that fuses sensuality and spirituality for a very personal and profoundly transformative experience. Its purpose is to watch and experience pleasure in a contemplative manner, whether you are receiving professional massage or practicing these techniques with a partner.

At D.Touch, every lingam massage takes you to a new level of mental and physical clarity. Book a session with us, and enjoy one of our lingam massages today if you’re ready to experience a massage like no other for the ultimate in stress relief and relaxation. Please keep in mind that we are an appointment-only business as you schedule your visit though!

Tantric massages exist in several forms, including our lingam massage, and depending on your preferences, they might become progressively erotic. The option is always yours, and for the greatest results, please advise our masseuse of your goals for the massage session. They will assist you in having a fantastic experience.

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